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4 simple steps to create a new business development process for your business

New business development can be a challenge for the solopreneur and small business owner. What I hear from my clients is that they either don’t have the time to service current client accounts while also seeking new business or they hate the idea of picking up the phone, cold calling and selling themselves.

What i’ve found to be more aligned with the truth is that entrepreneurs need a boost in confidence and a streamlined process for new business development.

New biz dev can be fun and exciting.  Tune into your intuition, pay attention to companies, vertical markets and other ideas that come to you as you deepen into this essential business building process and have a good time with it.  When you come to into this process with a positive attitude, knowing the value you bring to your clients, you will attract your ideal clients to you!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

~Start to keep a running lead list on an excel spreadsheet of companies that you’d love to do business with who can benefit from your products or services (I highly recommend putting a few companies on your list that feel like a stretch to you, companies you might feel uncomfortable about pursuing)
~Get your marketing materials together to email out to prospects once you start making calls (PDF marketing piece, calling script, email body template, top 5 reasons any company in your niche market wants to do business with you)
~Utilize Outlook or Entourage to keep track of calls made, what happened on those calls and when to follow up *check this calendar daily and FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP*
~Make this a TOP priority for your business daily by scheduling 30 min – 1 hr per weekday to make calls, send out emails and follow up

I’d love to hear about any challenges you’re facing in your own new business development process!  I’d also love to hear about how you’re handling your own biz dev process, what’s working for you?!

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