iFlourish Consulting partners with start-ups and small companies to provide exceptional new business development services including: sales, consulting, marketing, networking & building bridges.

Opening doors of opportunity for creative, innovative, socially responsible and sustainable companies. iFlourish devotes itself to consciously connecting each individual client with their ideal prospects, allowing them to flourish doing what they do best.

I’ve had tremendous success putting my clients in touch with their ideal prospects despite the challenging sales environment.  My main focus is to discover and connect you with opportunities for your business to flourish.  I take a less-than-desirable-process off of your hands by managing all of the prospecting, cold calling, follow-ups and appointment setting.  This allows you to focus on running your business, attending to your current clientele and projects while I work on bringing potential clients to the table.
~Laura Haykel, Founder iFlourish Consulting