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Accountability systems for the solo-preneur & small business owner

It is a fact that human beings tend to feel like crap when we don’t do what we say we are going to do or know we could be doing in order to forward our lives or our businesses.  It is also a fact that having an accountability system in place increases our chance of accomplishing what we’ve set out to do by 90%.

Having issues doing what you say you’re going to do?  Implement an accountability practice into your daily or weekly flow in order to stay on track to the great things you are co-creating in this world!

As a solo-preneur it can be challenging to stay on task and focused on the important but not urgent tasks for my business.  Over the last few years I have found accountability to be a wonderful tool to keep me focused and moving forward, one step at a time, towards my goals and dreams.  I’ve created a few different accountability systems for my business and other projects.

Here are a few of the accountability systems I have in place:

-I talk with two women I met in an entrepreneurial leadership course every other Saturday for 1 hour.  We discuss what we accomplished the week prior, what we plan to accomplish in the week ahead and discuss what’s working and what we’re ready to let go of.
-I created a Femme Entrepreneur group in the city where I live.  We meet twice per month to stay on track with our business and project goals.
-I bought a white board for my office where I keep a list of top priority to-do’s for my business and any current projects in plain view.
-I mastermind weekly with my friend Karin Pinter who runs Nvision Media Group (she developed iFlourish’s home on the web and we love it!)

-I keep track of to-do’s on Evernote and set reminders in my calendar

It is my estimation that having more accountability in our lives will lay the foundation for more people feeling really good about the lives they are living and the things they are doing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  How has accountability supported you in realizing the goals that you’ve set for yourself?  What types of accountability systems do you have in place?  What is working for you?  And if what you’re doing is not working, what do you plan to do differently?

Thank you for checking in… I look forward to reading and responding to your comments here!

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