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Build your confidence and own your value when prospecting

Cold calling is ballsy.  It takes courage, persistence, determination.  It’s a confidence builder, if you let it be.  And it’s an amazing tool to build your business.

At first it can feel daunting.  You’ve just got to pick up the phone and give it a try, one call at a time.

I used to get rattled when someone would respond with an attitude, annoyed that I was on the other end of the line and not the person they were expecting.  And sometimes people would hang up and not let me get a word in edgewise.

Even so, I kept at it.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night as i’ve been recognizing how each small step that i’ve taken over the last 6 years has led me to where I am today, walking confidently in the direction of my dreams into a life that reflects more of who I truly be.  And each time that i’ve picked up that phone, each call I’ve made, each meeting i’ve set, it gets easier and easier.

Whether you’re selling your own services or someone else’s, cold calling/prospecting/new business development.. whatever you call it, it is a tremendous opportunity to step more fully into your confidence, own your worth and value, and consciously build a business that will flourish

How do you feel about prospecting via phone and making cold calls on behalf of your own business?  What are other ways that you do new business development?  Has prospecting via cold calling worked for your business?  Do you love it or hate it?  I want to know.. and look forward to reading your comments and sharing more with you here!

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