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Creating & Upleveling your new business development plan

September is a great time to create, review or uplevel your new business development plan!

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Identify your ideal clients and create a lead list on an excel spreadsheet with at least 50-100 companies to reach out to between now and December. Include columns the following columns: 1st date of contact, Status, Company, Name/title, Phone, Email, Website, City/state, Call notes, Description of business

Here are a few things to clarify:     Which vertical markets will you approach?
What are the greatest needs of your current clientele and how can you spot these needs in prospective clients?
What size companies are you going after?
What are the titles of decision makers you’ll be looking to connect with?

2. Create a clear bulletted list of your services and which types of projects you’d like more of.

3.  Write out a few different telephone call scripts and emails for prospecting.
Keep it short, sweet and to the point.  Share successes you’ve had with other companies similar to the prospect you are calling on or writing to.

4. Create or update a 1-2 page emailable PDF document showcasing your companies capabilities, testimonials or successes and a short ‘about us’ piece.  Depending on your business you may want to include visuals or links to successful projects you’ve completed.

5. Schedule a few hours a week and commit to getting on the phone and calling through your list.

6. Keep detailed notes in Outlook, Entourage or your Excel spreadsheet and make sure to note your calendar for FOLLOW UPs!!

With a focused new business development process you’ll expand opportunities for your company to grow.  You’ll also capture money that others are leaving on the table!

I’d love to hear about your new business development process, what’s working for you and where you’re feeling challenged or stuck.  Please post your comments here and i’ll be sure to respond!  Happy prospecting!

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