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Experience more of what you desire to experience

Experience more of what you desire to experience

As soon as I began clarifying what hasn’t been working for me in my personal and business life, I started to co~create more of what I desire to experience from moment to moment and day to day.

Here are a few of the things I’ve realized haven’t been working for me:

  • Worrying about anything for any period of time
  • Rushing constantly
  • Thinking the more I do the more successful i’ll be
  • Multi~tasking

Slowly but surely, as I gained more clarity I began transforming these old patterns and habits into new ways of being.  Here’s what this looks like now:

Choosing to trust no matter what because in the grand scheme of things there are many things happening ‘behind the scenes’ that i’m unaware of.  Magic and miracles show up on the regular when you’re open to them!

Slowing down, enjoying where i’m at and what i’m doing.  This choice is helping me decrease stress in my life and manage stressful times in new and empowering ways.  Where have I been rushing to all of these years anyways?

Realizing that the to-do list is a constant flow of incoming and outgoing energy and information.  If I don’t attend to tasks on the list today, they’ll most likely be there tomorrow, unless I choose to ditch the list and start fresh.  Overall, it’s all up to me how I choose to approach life’s many to-do’s.

I’ve had this undeniable energetic response and experience from expanding my capacity to be present, attending to one thing at a time.  Wow, what a difference bringing presence to everything I do can make.  This one encompasses everything i’ve mentioned above.  I am more aware, mindful, allowing ease, grace and peace to replace stress, fear and worry.

And for this shift in my experience, I am truly thankful!

What have you been noticing is not working for you?  And what IS working?

I welcome your comments and shares and look forward to continuing this conversation with you!

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