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Follow up Follow up Follow up!

Follow up.. it’s one sure fire way to land new business, discover opportunities and expand the possibilities for your life, business, project or mission!

Even though the simple action of following up can lead to incredible connections, business deals and long term mutually beneficial relationships many people seem to resist this process or don’t have an organized follow up system in place.

Today I encourage you to make an empowered choice to get out of your own way and develop a simple system for following up.  Whether it’s a prospect you’ve been dreaming of adding to your client list, a producer you’d love to hear your demo, the highly successful entrepreneur you’d like to mentor you or the person you feel is ideal to partner with you on a specific project, let’s activate your follow up process!

Here are a few simple steps to ignite your initial outreach & follow up efforts:

  • Before you reach out clarify with yourself why you are reaching out to this person (what needs or desires are present?)
  • Be clear, transparent and to the point in the delivery of your outreach efforts (It was a pleasure to meet you, so and so referred me to you and i’d like to set aside time to discuss xyz etc.)
  • Open up a new event on your Outlook, Gmail or Entourage calendar.  Add contact information to the body of the event for the person you are reaching out to and keep a running list by date in the description section of the out reach efforts you made and what happened (LVM, spoke with assistant Lori Smith, contact on Aug 13th after return from vacation etc.)
  • Continue scheduling this event for a future date and check your calendar regularly so that you remember to follow up!
  • Different ways you can attempt to reach someone are: a phone call, email, hand written note, message via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, visit read and post on their blog
  • Be conscious of the time between each follow up effort.  You want to remain consistent and refrain from being annoyingly persistent .. this is important!  Use your own internal guidance/compass here.  There have been times where i’ve felt that I should not try a contact again and have said to myself ‘ok, i’ll call one more time’ and then voila!  They answer the phone, I get the meeting and it works out for everyone.  Tune in and trust yourself!
  • Build up your confidence.. if you find you keep putting someone off to follow up with on a later date check in with yourself about this.  Is the resistance coming from a lack of self confidence, a lack of clarity as to what you desire to come from connecting with this person or does it simply mean that this is someone you need to take out of your follow up system?
  • Know when to let it go

I cannot begin to tell you the number of amazing contacts i’ve made and doors which have opened because of my consistent effort to follow up.  I’ve built incredible relationships, had the opportunity to work on amazing projects and have captured money others are leaving on the table simply because I had a daily system in place for following up.

I’d love to hear how you organize your follow up efforts.  What is working for you?  Do you use a CRM?  If so, which one have you found works best for your business?  What amazing opportunities have presented themselves due to your follow up efforts?

Thank you for checking in!  I look forward to responding to your comments!

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