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Goal setting to uplevel your business into 2013

There is power in clarifying, setting goals or benchmarks for your business/projects and taking empowered action steps to see them through to completion.  And I don’t know about you, but I feel amazing, empowered and energized when I do what I say i’m going to do (like write and post this blog post!)

Here is a process I follow that you might find useful.

1. Start with a long term goal in mind, something you’d like to accomplish over the next year.  If you’re having trouble coming up with something just think about the things that nag you most, the things you’re feeling crappy about not doing, the things you’ve been putting off for another day, week or month and start there.
2. Take that long term goal and break it into 2-3 short term goals.
3. Take one of those short term goals and break that down into tangible action steps that can be accomplished one per day or 2-3 actions per week.
4. Schedule these action steps in your calendar and add a date to implement this short term goal (like a deadline however, I prefer to call it a lifeline.)
5. Make the choice to show up on a consistent basis committed to taking these empowered action steps and realizing your greater vision.
6. Remember to celebrate the actions that you take!  Celebration is such an amazing tool to uplift your spirits and acknowledge yourself on a regular basis.  I highly recommend it!

Here’s what this might look like:
Long term goal: Implement additional revenue streams into my business model
Short term goal: Learn more about strategic partnerships including Joint Ventures & Affiliate Partners
Tangible action steps:     Call Adilah Curry (who is a VJ/Strategic partnership whiz) this week to set up meeting
Research online resources to learn more about different types of strategic partnerships and do’s & don’ts
Look into online or local courses to learn more about strategic partnerships
Decide whether or not to take a class
Connect with 3-5 potential affiliate partners and review their agreements
Learn about creating marketing plans to promote strategic partnerships
Choose 2-3 marketing strategies to implement
Implement marketing strategies to promote strategic partnerships

Do you have a process for aligning with and following through on your greater vision for your business?  If so please share what’s working for you here!  If you have questions or need more clarity, please post your questions here as well.  I look forward to hearing from you and responding to your posts.

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