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Holding and containing while cold calling

In last weeks blog post on building your confidence while cold calling, we started to touch on the topic for this week, which is learning how to deal with (hold and contain or manage) the discomfort that comes up when you receive a less than desirable response from someone on the other end of the line.
Let’s be real here.  It takes courage to pick up the phone, dial someone you’ve never spoken to and either introduce your own business or someone else’s.  You never know who you’ll get or what type of response you’ll get.I remember how uncomfortable it used to feel to pick up the phone and cold call for my first new business development clients.  My insecurities would rise to the surface and at times I would stumble over my words.
On those earlier campaigns, as I sat in my home office alone, I would give myself a pep talk.  Remind myself that this is something that i’m good at, and no matter what type of response I received on the other end of the line, it did not reflect on who I was or what I was bringing to the table.
And yes, there are times when the person on the other end of the line is not open to receiving your call or they say ‘no thanks’ to what you have to offer.  I’ve been blatantly hung up on a few good times and it feels crappy!  I used to just power through those moments instead of giving myself a minute or two or five to clear the energy from that experience.  I’d get defensive, angry and sometimes I would swear.. at myself and/or the person who hung up on me.  I’d let that heavy energy linger in me and around me.
These days I am thankful to say that i’ve developed new ways to hold and contain what comes up when someone is annoyed, abrupt or says ‘no’ on the other end of the line.
Here are a few things that I do to take care of myself in this process:
  • Breath.. I take a nice deep belly breath and remind myself that all is well, I’m good at this and I want to connect with people who are open to what i’m offering
  • Get up from my chair and shake the energy off, shift my state and then move forward with my work
  • Put on some music that makes me feel good
  • Send good energy to the person I had an uncomfortable interaction with
  • Sit in gratitude (instead of self pity) and thank the other person for another opportunity to deal with discomfort in a new way
  • Embrace the discomfort, allow it to be there and give myself a minute or two to close my eyes, breath and let whatever is ready to move and clear through this experience to do so easefully (resistance to discomfort seems to make it stick around longer)
I’d love to hear about ways that you hold and contain discomfort when prospecting/cold calling on behalf of your business or someone else’s.  Also, was this blog post helpful to you?
As always, thank you for checking in at iFlourish 🙂

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