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iFlourish 2012 year in review

Yes, without a doubt.. 2012 has been quite a year.  This year will absolutely be remembered as a year of great transformation and the experience of crossing a significant threshold in my own personal and entrepreneurial journey.

This year has been filled with major transformation, embracing challenges, the highs and lows, discomfort and self doubt, I made the greatest financial investment in my own development of personal and professional skills and capacities in 2012 than ever before, I also simultaneously increased my ability to receive more money and celebrated my highest earning month yet in November, I developed my first business, embraced celebration as a way to acknowledge myself, uplift & uplevel my experience and started showing up in life in brand new ways in all of my relations.  I also received valuable clues as to what is no longer working for me and how I can evolve into a new way of relating to my work life.

Many times during this last year it felt like I was in a push and pull type of relationship with the energies of 2012.  I’d have an awakening and then fear would rise up and do it’s best to keep me in the same old comfortable (but, not really) place or ways of relating to my life and my work.  I chose to put a stake in the ground for my own inner growth and development, showing up in ways that will allow me to be my greatest contribution in and to the world.

I sat yesterday morning writing out a list of what worked and what didn’t go so well or didn’t serve me in 2012. I was amazed at how much longer the list of celebrations were and humbled by some of the things that didn’t go so well or didn’t go at all.  Here are some of the experiences that come to heart & mind (in no particular order) as I reflect on 2012:

  • Crossed a threshold in my personal and entrepreneurial journey
  • Launched my entrepreneurial journey on a next level
  • Launched my first company iFlourish Consulting and celebrated our 1st year in business!
  • Old structures and systems I created for personal and business have fallen away leaving space for new systems.. an email crash created more space for having awareness to zen my email process and upgrade my business computer
  • Bringing in my first assistants and building the iFlourish team
  • Launched my first website
  • Started the iFlourish blog with a Vlog to kick off the topic for each month
  • Gained a new client in San Diego because she liked a comment I made on a LinkedIn post, found my website and contacted me!
  • Launched the Femme Entrepreneur Uplift 2 Uplevel group in Buffalo NY to support local Femmepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journeys
  • Created & launched the Calling All Creatives workshop – my first solo workshop which I held 4 times before the new year.  It was uplifting for all!
  • Stepped into my leadership in new empowering ways and started being received & acknowledged as a leader in my community
  • Beginning to speak publicly and lead solo workshops that created an uplift and expansion of possibilities for all involved
  • Signed my first one on one coaching clients!!
  • Got to a place where I started to wake up excited and eager to start my day
  • Anchored into the knowing that I’m becoming an expert at what I do.. I have a system.. there is a flow.. I’m darn good at connecting my clients with their ideal clientele as well as motivating, inspiring and empowering others to monitize their passions
  • Set up several new business meetings for each of my clients
  • Realized that it’s time to expand my business and develop a more sustainable business model
It’s been an incredible year.  Through the ups and downs and all around I stuck with it.  I am truly blessed and giving thanks for what i’ve moved through and all i’ve gained by showing up consistently, especially in the face of discomfort, fear and doubt.
As I sit here on the first day of this new year 2013, I am curious about what wonderment, magic, miracles and experiences await myself and all of you.
I’d love to hear about what you’re celebrating from the year past and what you’re looking forward to experiencing more of in 2013.  I’d also like to hear about your own year in review and how you clarify your desires/goals/intentions for the year ahead process.  Please comment and share with me here.
Wishing you and yours an abundance of all good, beautiful and blessed things in 2013 and beyond.  May the new year be safe, magical and fulfilling for you all!  And if you’re ready to Uplift & Uplevel your business and life contact me here for a complimentary consultation.

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  1. Sean
    January 3, 2013

    What an amazing year of transformation, truly unprecedented! For me it was all about letting go of old patterns and structures and now entering 2013 with a fresh canvas, feeling so blessed! Happy new year Laura!


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