Collaborating with iFlourish clears space for you to nurture existing client relationships while we work on bringing new potential clients to the table.



Prospecting & Meetings

Do you cringe at the thought of cold calling?! No worries, we’ve got you covered! iFlourish thrives on taking the arduous task of cold calling and turning the lead list inside out to identify our clients’ target prospects and qualify them. We have impeccable timing; calling prospects at just the right moment to uncover the appropriate point person and to discern whether or not the need is there. Once the need is established, then iFlourish sets up a meeting between you and your potential new client. Then the magic begins.


Networking & Building Bridges

Dread attending networking events to promote your business and build your brand? Do you return from events and conferences with a pile of business cards that collect dust over time because you don’t have a system for following up? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your company can now benefit from iFlourish’s 12 years of happily attending events, conferences and trade shows. Intimidated by social media and online brand building? We utilize the world wide web and social marketing to build community, brands and connect our clients with their niche market. Allow iFlourish to suit up, show up and shine on your behalf!


Developing Relationships & Follow-Up

Follow-up takes time, and your time is valuable. Allow iFlourish to do the ground work and follow-up for you. We are tenacious in our dedication to calling until we get the job done. We will find the best contacts and initiate relationships so that the foundation is laid for you to walk through an opened door. Over the years, the number of doors that iFlourish has opened for our clients as a result of our diligence in this area are too many to count.


Connecting Client to Prospects = Signed Contracts

Nailing down meetings is not such a mystery when you’ve got iFlourish in your corner. Once we’ve begun the process of prospecting, bridge building, developing relationships and following up, just add our own unique personal touch to the mix and voila! The meetings start rolling in. Then your dreams become your reality as you have opportunities to pitch to and seal deals with companies you’ve always desired to do business with.


Maintaining Relationships

We don’t believe in one night stands; neither should you. Sure, we’ve opened doors and connected you with your next big clients, but we’re willing to stick around. iFlourish will gladly assist you to stay on track with the next steps. Talk with us to learn more about how we can support you in managing ongoing client relationships.



Feeling stuck and uninspired by your business and current client base?  iFlourish will work with you to clarify where you currently are in your business and where you truly desire to be.  Together we’ll create a plan to bridge the gap while we also work to remove any blocks that stand in the way between you and your greatest successes.  Let’s expand your possibilities so that you can step fully into the greatest potentials for your business and life to flourish!