Laura Haykel is the kind of business development professional any company would be lucky to have on their team. She is the best-in-class we have ever had doing this very demanding work. Having worked closely with her for 3 1/2 years, her performance always exceeded my expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss Laura’s abilities in detail.

Milt Kass, Managing Partner

Kass Uehling

I retained Laura for a new business generation project in which she reactivated former contacts and transformed them into new business for Baird Direct Marketing. The quality of her work was consistently excellent at every step of the process, and her ability to think of win-win ways to respond to objections and prevent doors from closing was extraordinary. Her enthusiasm, punctuality, precision and follow-up enabled her to land the second biggest client in the history of Baird Direct. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Bill Baird

Baird Digital Marketing

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Laura for a number of years. She is a highly professional, dedicated and innovative individual with outstanding people skills. Laura take great pride in her work and it shows in the results.

John Young, Corporate Branding Executive

ClearGroup LLC

Laura Haykel's ability to make connections, open doors and nurture strong business relationships is astounding. Her networking skills come naturally and simply cannot be taught. 
Laura is incredibly focused and persistent in her efforts to achieve significant business objectives. 
She is logical, meticulous, a pleasure to work with...and to learn from.

Jeanne Muscolino, Interior Designer

ClearGroup LLC

For the last three years, Laura Haykel did an outstanding job for me opening doors and identifying opportunities for my national communications consulting practice. I found her to be relentless—in a good way—in finding and reaching the C-level executives whom we target. In one notable case, she found the “needle in the haystack” — the lead counsel in a major credit card company running a compliance initiative for which we were ultimately hired. I recommend her services unreservedly.

Charlene Haykel, Managing Principal

The Haykel Group

Laura Haykel has worked for my magazine publishing company for the last 12 years as an independent sales rep. She did an amazing job increasing sales in her territory (East Coast, Europe and the Caribbean) and strengthened our magazine’s relationships with our clients in ways that I have not seen before in my business. One of her best attributes is her communication skills ~ both written and verbal. Laura nails down a topic and is never vague. Likewise, when she says she is going to do something by a certain time, she does it. If there is a reason the task can’t be accomplished, she will reach out first and explain the situation

Kaati Gaffney, Publisher

RBA Publishing, Inc.