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Uplift To Uplevel: Dispel The Myth

When I started to bring awareness to the stories of the past that I was living my life by each and every day, my entire reality started to shift.. and in big ways. This was the start of experiencing major transformation my life and my business. I was on a mission to dispel the myth of lack, worry, disappointment, distrust and a whole bunch of other crap I picked up along the way.

Some of those nagging unsupportive stories I picked up along the way were:

  1. I have to work hard to be a success
  2. I will be a success when I make a lot of money
  3. When I make a lot of money this will make me valuable to others and the world and I will be more important to my loved ones and those around me
  4. I have to make as many calls as I can everyday in order to make more money and close more sales (despite how it makes me feel physically, mentally, emotionally)
  5. Life is hard

The first step to releasing these old stories was to bring awareness to what I was buying into. I simply started to notice when the story was alive and that I was giving more power to the story than to what I knew was true.

Then I started to replace the old stories with new stories that empowered my experience. Here’s an example:

Old story: Life is hard, you have to work hard in order to be a success

New story: Life is easeful, expansive and supportive. I am the co-creator of my experience and have the power to choose how I live, work and be in the world. The more present I become in the work that i’m doing, releasing the need to multi-task and being mindful of how my body is feeling throughout the work day, the more enjoyable my work is. The more enjoyable my work is the more successful and fulfilled I feel doing my work.

Throughout this process I also noticed that a part of me wanted to hang onto these old stories. They had served a purpose for me in the past, kept me safe and comfortable in some way. Choosing to shift these stories caused some discomfort. I chose to be with the discomfort that was coming up and take an empowered stand for the life I had been dreaming of living. A huge part of that was releasing the stories and ways of the past and developing new thoughts, behaviors and ways of being for the future I was creating.

Today, as a result of working with some incredible women in the entrepreneurial coaching realm; Sage Levine &  Jeneth Blackert, I am learning new tools for clearing these stories. The first step is to ask myself ‘Who’s is this?’ And if the story isn’t mine, I can use a statement that goes like this ‘Return to sender with consciousness attached.’ How cool is that?! I can now easefully let go of anything that’s not mine and was never mine in the first place.

We’ve picked up so many things from others along the path of life. What we’ve picked up has affected our lives, our businesses, our relationships and overall experiences. I say it is time to dispel the myth, acknowledge what we truly desire to experience and start taking steps each day to have more of that in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

What are some of the old stories that you’ve faced and transformed in your life? And how have you and yours benefited as a result?

Give thanks for checking in with me here at the iFlourish blog. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

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  1. yasmina
    September 25, 2013

    You rock!


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